Give Your Subscribers The REAL “4 Hour Work Week!”

Here Are The Top 9 Reasons To Promote The Passive Print System

• #1 – The Passive Print System has already helped 1000’s of people leave their 9-5 jobs and live their dream lifestyle. This is an easy, step by step system that can be done by anyone, regardless of skill, language or location. Which means every subscriber in your fan base can benefit from this business and make a passive income online!

• #2 – My launches have EPIC numbers. The last three launches I’ve done have all had over $5 EPCs through the entire launch with 40-50% conversion rates on both OTO’s. And this time we have an even deeper funnel, with more follow ups and more opportunities for you to make extra sales.

• #3 – We have a dedicated support staff working around the clock to make sure your fans receive nothing but the best customer service. If they have a question, it will get answered. We’re known for having some of the best support in the industry and bend over backwards to make sure your customers are taken care of.

• #4 – There is going to be a live Q&A session a week after the launch opens. This is to help answer any questions, motivate and encourage people to take action. This dramatically reduces refund rates and keeps more money in your pocket.

• #5 – Professionally done graphics by a world class designer & great copy mean a better experience for your customers and higher conversions for you. Statistics have proven time & time again that well designed and formatted copy increases conversions!

• #6 – Facebook & display advertising through the launch campaign will dramatically increase the number of sales you make. We’re doing everything we can to make you as profitable as possible! You’ll continue to make sales weeks after you’ve stopped promoting!

• #7 - This is an evergreen launch. Meaning it’s not going to be shut down after a certain time frame. You’ll continue to make sales well after you promote, not only with traffic from your own list, but from our 2 week long customer nurturing / follow up sequence!

• #8 - We’re using a dime sale to increase scarcity and buyer demand during the launch. Dime sales dramatically increase the number of people you get through the funnel, making you more money!

• #9 – Win an iPhone 6 Plus! This is the first launch to give away the brand new iPhone 6! You can also win an iPad mini, a Parrot AR Drone, a Sharp Aquos TV and more! Read below for more details!

What Is The Passive Print System

The Passive Print System ($17-$27)

The Passive Print System is a step by step program that teaches your subscribers how to build a part time newsletter business that pays them consistently every single month. It is the most reliable “lifestyle businesses” around and follows the same model as Netflix, Next Issue, Google Play and dozens of other large companies.

This low ticket, recurring business model is the perfect business for anyone trying to escape the rat race and leave their 9-5 job. This is the easiest, most reliable way for your subscribers to quit their job and live the “4 Hour Work Week”, on their own terms.

Over 3,000 people have gone through the program with hundreds, possibly thousands of success stories of people using this system to leave their job.

Customers are taken by the hand and shown how to identify profitable markets, how to profile customers, how to create opt-in pages and sales pages, how to find content and how to set up the entire process. The course also covers advertising, tracking and analytics. And all of this is supported with a very active Facebook community.

The 100 page workbook is accompanied by a step by step instructional video. Your customers read through the book completing exercises as they go. After they’ve completed the exercises the setup video walks them through building the entire business in less than 1 hour and they can be making their first sale in less than 24 hours.

Optional Upgrades

Facebook Ad Basics - $37-47 (Upsell)

Even though The Passive Print System contains a large chapter on traffic & different traffic sources, many purchasers are going to want other options! And for high quality, reliable traffic, few things can compete with Facebook paid traffic.

The Facebook paid traffic learning curve can be confusing, expensive and riddled with problems you weren’t anticipating. Facebook Ad Basics walks any new advertiser through the process of setting up their first ad campaign. Your subscribers will learn all about message/market match & why creating targeted ads are crucial. They’ll learn about they important numbers (CPC, CTR, etc), as well as how to define the perfect audience for their sales funnels.

They learn great tricks like finding new markets based on face books graph search, what ads get clicked the most & why and how to set up retargeting! We’ve even included a module on how to solve the most common problems, like uneven ad click distribution, expensive CPCs, and why ads are taking so long to get approved! It’s a complete guide for anyone new to Facebook advertising & a great way to fill your Passive Print Newsletter with subscribers.

The Affiliate Funnel - $27 (Upsell)

The Affiliate Funnel is a complimentary product to The Passive Print System. After your clients Newsletter is up and running they’re going to want to find ways to make their sales funnel as profitable as possible, as fast as possible. That’s where the Affiliate Funnel comes in. It teaches anybody, regardless of skill level, how to build a simple sales funnel promoting affiliate products & great content.

Over the course of 10 modules & approx. 4 hours of video your subscribers will learn what a sales funnel is, why promoting affiliate products is great, how to pick the right market, where to find content, where to find stuff to promote, all about squeeze pages, e-mail marketing, tracking, traffic and everything that goes into putting it together.

Everything is covered in detail in short, to-the-point videos. By the time your subscribers are finished going through the program they’ll be well on their way to promoting affiliate products & greatly increasing the profitability of their new business!

Instant Product Formula - $27 (Downsell)

The Instant Product Formula is a 10 part video course showing your subscribers how to take Private Label Rights products & transfer them into brand new, fantastic, re-written, valuable content to sell in their sales funnels.This perfect addition to The Affiliate Funnel shows your subscribers how to dramatically increase their profits by slowly replacing affiliate products in their sales funnels with products they’ve created themselves in order to keep 100% of the profit.

The course teaches everything they need to know about why using PLR content is a great time saver, where to get great content and what to look for when buying PLR/MRR content. Buyers learn how to take this content & transform it into something original. They learn how to structure a product so it’s easy to learn from as well as how to set up the sales page & deliver the product. A complete A to Z guide for transforming PLR products into incredibly valuable, saleable courses.

Marketing Hacks Newsletter - $11 / Month (Upsell)

The Marketing Hacks Newsletter is a marketers best friend. Pairing perfectly with The Passive Print System, subscription to the Marketing Hacks Newsletter saves your customers time & makes them more money. Each month subscribers receive a short newsletter with 5-6 “growth hacks” guaranteed to increase profit, decrease working time & can be done in 15 minutes or less. These hacks cover everything from paid traffic to squeeze page creation to copywriting to product creation & webinars. In addition, all buyers will also receive huge discounts on popular software brands and products.

In addition to these great, complimentary products being recommended immediately after a customer purchases, there is also a 2 week follow up that highlights the benefits of each of these tools with the Passive Print System.

50% commission on all.

What People Are Saying About This

“Let me tell you, I simply wasn't prepared to be blown away like this...I've never seen it broken down like this before. The whole time so many of us were looking for the next earth shattering method, plugin or software, we never noticed we were stepping over dollars to get to pennies. I absolutely love the simplicity of this method...If you're a newbie this is an excellent place to start.” - Ricky

“A million dollar business isn't a requirement for success or happiness (and often, can lead to just the opposite). $3500 a month, on the other hand, is a life-changer. A "send your kid to the college of his choice" system. An "I'll retire from my job when I choose, not when I fall to the ground from old age and exhaustion" solution. I love the elegance, I love the simplicity, I love that I have Adam Nolan as my project manager to create another long-term, low-maintenance residual income stream” - Lory Moore

“This is an excellent course for any level of experience. You can easily drop everything else you might be doing, and instead, focus on this beautiful and honest system to make money. - Steve

“Let me confess this product is one of the most awesome I saw in latest’s for sure a big game changer...If you want to invest in a doable course, stop lurking and grab this incredible good one! It will build a new income from zero! ... - Alessandro Zamboni

“For anybody "sitting on the fence" over this product I've just got two words for you - BUY IT! This is an absolutely scintillating product. Adam has clearly gone to great lengths to spell out just how simple this is to set up and let it run, mainly on autopilot.” - Ragyrd

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Who Is Adam Nolan?

Adam S. Nolan is a business and direct marketing consultant living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. His courses have been downloaded over 250,000 times and over 30,000 people have attended his presentations. He specializes in “growth hacking”, high leverage marketing strategies and “lifestyle businesses”.

Adam has helped thousands of people, in all walks of life, leave their 9-5 jobs and build successful part time businesses. He’s the creator of the Passive Print System, the editor-in-chief of the Marketing Hacks Newsletter, the leading digital growth marketing publication, and also runs a high level entrepreneur mastermind called the “Sales On Demand” program.