If you’re tired of struggling to make ends meet.
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How To Build A Job Replacing Income That Makes $3500+ Every Month With A “1 Page Website”
(and how anyone can do this without any experience in 1 day!)

Hi, my name is Adam Nolan & on this page (just a little further down) I’m going to reveal the secret to the most reliable “fountain of wealth” you’ve ever seen.

This fountain of wealth will give you the tools to leave your 9-5 job & never worry about money again. Because…

  • You get paid every month (like a paycheck!)
  • You get a pay increase every month!
  • You can replace your 9-5 income in as little as a month!
  • You work when it’s convenient for you!
  • No clients, no chasing money, no headaches
  • Requires no specialized knowledge about any subject
  • Requires no complicated technical setups.
  • You get to work with subjects that interest you!
  • Works in any country & any language
  • Will never stop working!

Doesn’t that sound like something you’d be interested in? Yes?…. then read on:

How I Fell Backwards Down The Consumer “Rabbit Hole” And Discovered The Secret To The Fountain Of Wealth!

Just over a year ago I stumbled into something amazing by mistake. See, I had just finished 2 big projects and life was really chaotic. I hadn’t checked my bills or payments in a weeks because life just gets in the way sometimes. Maybe you can relate.

Of course I’d take the occasional glance and see some tiny payment being deducted but I wasn’t about to stop and chase down $5… right?…

Well when I finally got around to dealing with bills and “did the math”… I almost fell off my chair! I couldn’t believe it!

I Had Unknowingly Paid Over $500 In Tiny Recurring Charges!

After realizing there was no-one to blame but myself I started thinking… I can’t be the only person who has gone through that experience!

And it turns out I wasn’t! Over 2/3rds of U.S. consumers pay some kind of small recurring charge! In fact… it’s one of the most successful business models of all time! And here’s why everyone is affected by this:

I would look at my credit card statement and see some small $5 charge and think… “I’ll deal with that later”. But life got in the way, and later never came. But the money still was withdrawn! Month after month…

That’s When The “AHA” Moment Hit!

Now stop. Think for a second. What’s different about the entrepreneur on the other end of that tiny $5 monthly payment?

Unlike most entrepreneurs who are trying to figure out where their next sale is coming from, this man is sitting back while we send him small little payments each month that we’re just “too busy” to cancel.

But you see, we’re not the only ones sending him small $4.99 payments each month.

He’s getting 4,954 payments just like yours! Every month… from people who are just “too busy” to cancel.

That’s $24,720.46 A Month!

Because like me, people never get around to canceling, and the payments are so small… his income is VERY reliable. And he doesn’t have to do anything at all!

And every month he keeps getting sent hundreds (thousands!) of small $4.99 payments without having to get any new sales.

And you wouldn’t believe the number of companies that use this model: Extra tv channels, extra cell phone add-ons, those “sign up for a ringtone” commercials you see on T.V.! Not bad for a humble, little $5 payment

Wouldn’t you rather be collecting those small $5 charges instead of paying them? While other entrepreneurs are out there wondering where they’re going to get their next sale, you can confidently know you’ve got an income you can rely on. No Stress, no long hours, just a steady stream of money.

“Set It & Forget It”

This low ticket, recurring business model is one of the easiest and most effective business models in the world…. In fact customers stay subscribed over 400% longer! I built this from the ground up to be the perfect “lifestyle business.” It follows the path of least resistance and gives you the most leverage (and best chance) of success.
How do I know?
Because It’s all I’ve been doing for the past year …

And now you can harness the power of this incredible business model yourself, get paid every single month. And not ever worry about your income again:


The Passive Print SystemThe Easiest, Most Reliable Way Of Making An Income Online

The Passive Print System takes a “low ticket, recurring business model” that is reliable & proven to work, and simplifies it so anyone can do it. So…

If You Can Send An Email,
You Can Run This Business!

The Passive Print System works by creating a very small, highly valuable 1-page online newsletter. Each month your newsletter gets delivered by email and each month your subscribers send you a $5 payment automatically. And because your newsletter is so valuable to them, and the price is so low, they don’t cancel.

And here’s the best part. If you’re anything like I was when I was working a 9-5 job you probably don’t have hours a day to work on a business. And that’s ok! Because this entire business can be set up in 1 day. After that, it only takes 1 hour a month to maintain!

And to make the Passive Print system even more simple… I’ll share some clever tools you can use right now to come up with fantastic content for your online newsletter. So if you never wanted to write a word of content, you wouldn’t have to!

Are you beginning to see why this is the
easiest, most reliable business model ever?

Payments that don’t stop. Content you don’t have to create, working an hour a month. And once you start getting momentum you see growth that goes off the charts!

Why? Because over time your income grows exponentially. Which means if you sell 5 subscriptions today at $5 each, you make $25. Exactly 1 month from today you’ll get paid that $25 again + whatever else you sell… and that happens month after month. So over time, you do the same amount of work, but every month your income goes up!

So you know for sure that when you make $500 this month, there’s a very good chance you’ll make at least $500 next month too. It’s like being your own boss and giving yourself a raise every month! This is real income stability.

Here Is Everything You’ll Learn In The Passive Print System

Video 1: Overview

In video 1 I’m going to explain the entire layout of the course so you know exactly what you’re doing at each step of the way. I’ll show you why this system works. Why it’s easy to run. And why you have a much higher chance of success doing this than any other way of making money online.

Video 2: The “high leverage” Business Model

In video 2 we’ll go into more detail on the structure of this business. Why it’s so important to keep your items “low-ticket”, how to set up the 25/75 rule and why it’s important to “set it & forget it”. This video covers the “how” behind the “why”.

Video 3: Simple Market Mastery

In Video 3 we’re going to pick a market together to make sure your business is successful. I’ll cover the “Big 3”, the best types of markets to get into and even list off untapped markets you can profit in yourself, right now!

Video 4: The Instant Expert Method

In the Instant Expert Method I’ll show you how you can build a Passive Print digital newsletter in any subject, even if you have no experience! We’ll use secret “reporter resources” to build up enough content that you’ll never have to write up a piece of information ever again if you don’t want to!

Video 5: Setting up your business

Look over my shoulder in Video 5 as I go “from blank page to business” in real time. I’ll show you exactly how to brand your business and how to set it up. I’ll walk you by the hand through the entire process, step-by-step. By the end of this video you’ll have your very first Passive Print business!

Video 6: The Simple 7 Point Copy Guide

In video 6 you and I are going to build the sales page that will eventually replace your 9-5 job! Exciting! We’ll go over the 7 point sales page system and I’ll explain exactly what to write, where and why. We’ll even go over a live case study & dissect a sales page in real time! On top of that you’ll also get “swipe files” to copy and other great resources! This is perfect for the nonwriter!

BONUS VIDEO: Work with me in real time as we write your sales page!

Video 7: Tracking & Testing To Success

In order to guarantee your succeed with this business model we’re going to need something to measure your success with! In Video 7 I’ll show you how with a little bit of software ingenuity you can be 100% sure that what you’re doing is the right thing. With this “setup” your business literally tells you exactly how to run it! This gets rid of all the guess work!

Video 8: Hyper Growth Secrets

In Video 8 we’ll go over some closely guarded “trade secrets” that you can use to increase your newsletter sales by 25%. You’ll learn how to make money faster selling yearly subscriptions and why the $1 trial is your best friend!

Video 9: The Next Steps…

In the last video we’ll go over the only # you ever need to pay attention to, why your new business is so incredibly valuable if you ever want to sell it and offers “next steps” to take.

That’s 9, easy, step-by-step videos that will walk you through the entire process from beginning to end.

By the end of these short, action-oriented videos you’ll have your first Passive Print business up and running and ready to accept payments.

We’ve also got a dedicated support network set up just for you. If you have questions on how to do anything, if you have any problems at all, we’re here for you! This is a very simple, very effective business model but even still If you have a question it will get answered.

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Bonus 1 Live Group Q&A Mastermind Session – $97 Value

Typically I charge $500 an hour for consulting, but because I want you to be as successful as possible. Once everyone has had a chance to go over the course I’ll be sending you a personal invitation to join me in a private Q&A session only for buyers of the Passive Print System. I’ll give a detailed breakdown of the business & how it works. I’ll also answer any and all questions you may have so you can get this started ASAP.

Bonus 2 The Offline Factor – $47 Value

Are you an Offline Marketer? Do you deal with clients on a daily basis? Want to help them increase their companies revenue? This is the perfect resource.

Help your client set up a low ticket, recurring educational newsletter! It’s the perfect way to get paid to generate leads and build credibility! In this quick little video I’ll reveal the steps you can take right now to set up a passive recurring income stream for you clients. This can be the perfect solution to seasonal businesses or any company that needs year long lead generation!

Bonus 3 Issue 1 Of The “Marketing Hacks Newsletter” FREE – $500 Value

Save time, increase your profit & guarantee your success with the first issue of the Marketing Hacks Newsletter. The MH News is one of the fastest growing online marketing subscriptions because it shares guaranteed tips you can implement in less than 15 minutes to dramatically increase your new business’ profit!

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Here’s Everything You’re
Getting Today

The Passive Print System – $197 Value

Over 4 hours of high definition, step by step, “look over my shoulder” video showing you how to build a business model that is so reliable you can finally leave your 9-5 job.

Bonus 1 Live Q&A Mastermind – $97 Value

Join me live approx. 1 week after the shopping cart opens. You and I will jump on a private Q&A call only open to buyers of the Passive Print System… and I won’t leave until all your questions are answered! If you can’t make it – of course we’ll send out the replay!

Bonus 1 The Offline Factor – $47 Value

The step by step instructions on how to turn this model into the most attractive “offline marketing” lead generation tool ever seen! Stop paying for leads & start getting paid instead!

Bonus 1 The Marketing Hacks Newsletter Issue 1 – $497 Value

Get the first issue FREE when you purchase Passive Print Today. You’ll learn the best ways to build a squeeze page, copy tips by one of the worlds best & how you can make your new business even more effective.

If you’re tired of struggling to make money online. If you’re frustrated and want to leave your day job, if you need extra income, I urge you to take me up on this limited time offer right now. Build your own Passive Print System and escape the rat race. Don’t wait any longer!

The Passive Print System

And Remember!
You’ve Got Nothing To Lose!
If you’re not 100% thrilled. If you aren’t completely jazzed and excited about the possibilities of The Passive Print system. If you change your mind for any reason… Then just let us know via our dedicated support desk and we’ll gladly refund you within the first 30 days!

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Thanks for your interest in the Passive Print System. We hope this business model brings you all the freedoms & luxuries it has for us over the past year.

Wishing you nothing but success.
– Adam Nolan & Roxanne Monette Thompson
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